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Appointment's Features

List of Customers

  • On the left hand side, you will find a current list of your customers; this is the same list you will find on the Customers page. The purpose of this list is to enable you to see all of the appointments for a particular client by tapping the client name, from which you can pick which appointment you want to see the details. The list can be sorted by last name or primary phone number and you can search by entering the last name or primary phone number in the box below the sort buttons.

View Customer's Existing Appointments

  • By tapping on the customer name on the left hand side, you will can view a list of all of the appointments for the selected customer. Once you have selected an appointment by tapping on it, you can see all of the details for that specific appointment.
  • You can also delete appointments on this page. You can delete a single appointment, by tapping the Delete button, or delete all appointments for that customer by tapping the Delete All button.
  • To update any of the appointment information, such as adding a new service, changing start or stop times, changing the staff name or adding notes for this particular appointment, just overwrite any existing data.

  • If you want to keep an image of the results of this appointment, you can do so by taking a picture using the camera (in portrait mode) below. The image will show to the left of the camera. Taking multiple images will overlay the previous image, so you can continue taking pictures until you get an image you like.
  • Make sure you tap the Save button! When you tap the Save button, the changed information is written to the database, and Saved or Updated appears under the Save button.

Creating A New Appointment

  • Mandatory fields are Appointment Start time, Appointment End time and Staff Name
  • The 'wheels' you see when you tap here are used to select the date and time for the selected client. You must pick start date and time of the appointment, end time and the staff member who is going to handle this appointment.
  • Next, select the appropriate services for this appointment. You're done!

    Don't forget to tap the Save button when you are finished!

Selecting Staff Time-Off

  • Staff time-off is accomplished by selecting the start date and time, the Staff name, and whether it is for a few hours (in which case you need to provide an end time), or if it's for a full day, in which case you need to indicate how many days (from 1 - ?).

Selecting Services

  • When you tap anywhere in the "services" box, a popup window appears where you can select one or multiple services for an appointment in a list displayed in a popup window. The box will will show all of the services that you have chosen to use (from the Setup page) for the appointment. You can add services by tapping the service which adds a new service, or tapping on an existing service (marked with a check in the popup list) which will uncheck and remove the that service from the appointment.