Phone Apps
What's next?
- adding the ability to share the database between devices
- store database backups on iCloud
- Landscape mode (a very large undertaking)
- list days with hours, so you can have different hours for each day
Surveyor Leveling
Bookstore Inventory Manager
- ability to email backups so they are off the device
- ability to store backups on iCloud
- speed it up a bit when getting prices
Restaurant Service Timer
What's happening...
I am in the process of "cleaning" the code to move everything to the database that needs to be moved prior to testing the "sync'ing" code, to be released in version 3.3.0.  Version 3.2.0 has some changes to the way services are entered on the Setup page along with the ability to backup and restore the database locally.  This is separate from syncing using iCloud.  If there are other suggestions or comments you would like us to know about, please use the Feedback on the Setup page.