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Book Detail page Help

Several things worth noting on this page:

  • This app can read ISBN barcodes using the back camera; it takes a bit of getting used to, but it does a fine job, placing the results in the yellow box for ISBN.

  • Once there is an ISBN in the correct text box, you can tap "Get Book Information" and the app will get the basic book information, such as Title, Author Publisher and more.

  • You can also tap the "Get Prices" which will aggregate prices from over 40 major book stores; given are high, low and averages for new books as well as used.  NOTE: at the present time, there is a timing issue where sometimes it returns 0.01 in the Used column for all books in which case you should tap Get Prices again, which will get the prices again, displaying them correctly (we are working on this issue).

  • The other buttons are as follows:

    • Clear - clears all of the residual text from all the input text boxes; this is also done automatically after you add a new book.

    • Add - takes the information in each of the input text boxes and add it to the database

    • Update - updates an existing record in the database

    • Delete - deletes the book who's SKU matches one in the database; this is NOT recoverable unless you restore the latest backup (more about Backup and Restore on the Settings page).  Deleting books rather than marking them as Sold (by dropping the quantity to zero (0) causes the accounting (see the Settings page) to be incorrect.

    • Plus (+) and minus (-) - these two buttons increase or decrease the count in quantity; once you tapped one of them,  don't forget to tap either Add or Update depending on the circumstances.

  • All of the text boxes that have a yellow background are required to add a book; this is the minimum information that most of the listing venues require.

  • Some of the boxes (Binding, Condition, Jacket, Edition and Size) use Popovers, which have predefined information that the listing venues prefer.

  • The difference between Book Notes, Private Notes and Description is:

    • Description is the actual description of the subject of the book.
    • Book Notes is your input about the condition, etc of this particular book.

    • Private Notes are your notes that are kept in the database but are not uploaded to the listing venues.

  • The shipping check boxes are used to indicate what shipping methods you provide;  Domestic Standard is the default.

  • At the bottom of the page, are two (2) dates: Date Added and Date Updated.  They are used to control which books are marked for export (they are changed by the app when required).