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How to Use Calendar Features

Calendar Layout

  • This page is composed of two sections: the currently selected month (current month is the default) on the top half of the page, and a daily matrix or grid showing the staff names across the top and the time of day along the left side.
  • By swiping, you can move the grid up and down, left and right to display the names or times that are not shown.
  • Today's day is highlighted, as is the currently selected day.

Calendar (top half) details

  • A count of the number of appointments for each day appears in the upper right corner of each day; further information of the appointments for each day can be found on the View Weeks page.
  • Tapping on any date with appointments will show those appointments in the lower appointment grid.
  • There are two ways to move to a different month: by tapping on the right or left arrows in each corner, you can move one month at a time, or by tapping on the month name, a popup will display of all of the months on a "wheel" (this is a fast way of moving to a different month). Once you have selected a month, tap anywhere outside of the popover and the selected month will appear.
  • To return to the current month, tap on the month name again, which will show the current month; tap on the current month name and tap outside of the popover to return.

Appointment Grid (bottom half) details

  • Tap on any day in the Calendar, and you will see each appointment for that day, shaded a different color according to which staff member has that appointment. To see details for that appointment, tap somewhere in the shaded appointment block (it's best to stay away from the edges; tap closer to the middle of the shaded block)
  • Current appointment details for the selected appointment are shown with the customer name, phone, services and customer image if present.
  • If you tap on any blank time segment, you will see a new popover where you can quickly make a new appointment.

Quickly Make a New Appointment

  • By tapping on any empty time slot, you will see a popup window with some fields filled in, like date, appointment start time, and staff member name (the start time, although pre-filled, can be edited by tapping on the start time box).
  • You must provide the other information by tapping on the right arrow on each line which will take you to another page in the popup window; tap the Done button which saves the information, or the arrow in the left upper corner (which does not save what you just entered) to return to the main popup menu.
  • If this is for an existing customer, tap the righty arrow on the customer line and you will see a list of all of your existing customers; select the correct one and tap Done.
  • You can add a new customer by tapping on the arrows in either name or phone at the bottom and filling in the required information; additional customer details can be added later on the Customer page. Be sure to select the new customer before returning to the previous page.
  • When finished, tap Confirm to save the appointment; you can see the new appointment by tapping the date in the calendar (top half) to refresh the appointment grid.

Staff Time Off

  • To schedule staff time-off, you have to go to the Appointments page. Staff time off is indicated by an orange colored block.