Phone Apps

Customer Page Features

Sorting the List of Customers

  • The list of Customers can be sorted in one of two ways: either by last name or by primary phone number. The default order of customers is random.

Searching the List of Customers

  • When entering the search data, each letter or number filters the list of customers until you see the customer you are searching for. Note that the data must be entered in the same format as the original name or phone number; it is not case sensitive. The Notes section is for comments about this customer, or for comments that need to be seen when the customer is selected (it is not for appointment notes).

Entering or Modifying Customer Information

  • First name, last name and phone number are required.
  • You can change the customer's name or phone number by over-writing the existing name or phone number and tapping the Change Name or Phone button. The other fields, such as address, city, notes, email address, etc.) can be modified by over-writing the existing information.
  • You must always tap the Save button before leaving this page otherwise the customer information will not be saved in the database.

Using the Camera

  • The camera must be used in portrait mode (hold iPad vertically, otherwise the image will not look correct; if you make a mistake, just take the image again; (it doesn't replace the existing image until you tap Save). The image from the camera is stored in the customer record until replaced. Only one copy can be kept due to memory limitations. If you get a message that you are running out of memory, remove some of the images from old appointments for all customers.