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This is where that controls other functions resides; Amazon controls, application options, database backup, and accounting.  The version of the app is listed at the top.  Lets take the sections one at a time:

  • ONLY - Amazon is different in how it handles uploads;  if you are using, you will know what each of these fields contain; make sure you get the right fields into the correct text boxes, then do a Test Connection on the Upload page.  If you have no errors, you are good to use it for uploading; if you have errors, you are going to have to contact Amazon for help in resolving the errors.

  • Application Options - has two (2) options:

    • Automatic SKU numbering - this only works when your SKU is purely numeric!  If you have any alphabetic or special characers (like a dash) it will be unable to generate the next higher SKU.
    • Use Amazon bindings and conditions - some users prefer the conciseness of using Amazon settings for bindings and conditions; most of the other venues accept them.  Note that they appear in popups which you can not modify.  If you don't check this, you use the standard settings.

  • Backup Database - at this time, you have to do the backup manually by tapping on the Backup button; a future enhancement will automatically do the backup for you, either daily (suggested) or weekly.  Everything is automatic; to restore the database to it's condition from the last backup, tap the Restore button; you will be presented with a dialog that allows you to choose which backup file to use.  Note that the filename is in the same format as the export filename (see Upload Help file).

  • Automatically delete files older than 'x' days - does exactly that for all files (other than the database) which are involved in either exporting or the backup process's.

  • Accounting section:

    • For Year - select the year you wish to see accounting figures for (because this is a new app, only 2014 is available)

    • Sales and Purchases - figures are quarterly, with a year-to-date total

    • Database Statistics - self explanatory and are based on the entire contents of the database; Note that if you Delete any of the books you have sold, your statistics will NOT be accurate; for that reason, we suggest you do not delete any books that have been sold just so the database is "cleaner".  Wait until the next year, and unless you want to maintain last years books as a record, you can delete Sold books then.  In practice, we only delete books that are in the database in error, such as a SKU that points to a different book than it should (SKU's can not be changed and then updated, for they are the "key" into the database.