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Configuration Settings

NOTE: unlike other pages, there is no Save button; entries are saved automatically when you leave this page. The app current version number is listed at the top of the page for reference.

Store hours and staff names are the minimum items that must be entered when initially starting the application. You will be taken here automatically if the store hours are missing. If the staff names are missing, you should also enter them at this time.

Send Feedback

  • If you would like to send the developer a suggestion or other type message, you can do it by tapping the Send Feedback button. An email will be immediately sent to the developer who will respond within 24-hours providing you leave your email address.

Setting Store Hours

  • Use the popup time pickers to enter the salon open time and close time. Tap on the box for either Salon Open or Salon Close and a popup window showing the time wheel (called a picker) will appear. The format of the time will be displayed automatically in either in 12-hour time or 24-hour time, depending on your location (locale); you can also override the Time Format by tapping either the 12-hour or 24-hour buttons. Currently, the time interval for appointments is fixed at 15 minutes.

Entering Staff Names

  • For each staff member whose name you want to enter, tap the Staff Name popup picker until the position number appears in the "dial", then enter either their first name only, or complete name in the text box to the right of the position number.  When finished with each name, tap the Done button on the keyboard.  The names will appear on the top row of the appointment grid on the first page. You can have a maximum of 12 staff names. Changes can be made at any time and are saved when you leave the Setup page.

Selecting which Service to Use

  • There are four (4) choices of services to use; they are listed next to a checkbox, which you can tap to change to the different service.  You can see the results of your choice by going to either the Appointments page and tapping on the Services textbox, which will bring up the popup listing all of the services for the category you have selected.


  • The app comes with two (2) predefined services: one for Nail Salons and the other for Hair Salons (including barber shops). You can also make your own list of custom services by tapping the Custom Services popup picker, just as you did for the Staff Names.  Starting with the first slot in the "wheel" (1), enter the custom service in the box to the right.  When done, don't forget to press the "Done" button to save the service you just entered.  Do the same for any Additional Services, using the popup picker ("wheel") in that section.  When you leave the Setup page, the services you entered will be saved.
  • If you wish to keep track of activities (such as dinner appointments, children's sports activities, etc.), tap the Manual Entry button and you can enter unique one-time activities descriptions at the time you are making the appointment.

Old Appointments

  • Do you wish to delete old appointments or keep all of them? You can enter the number of days that you want to keep all appointments; every appointment that is older will be deleted. If you decide to keep all of the appointments, you can selectively delete them on the Appointment's page. However, the more old appointments you keep, it's possible you will run out of memory when running this app, especially if you are using photos at each appointment. This app will warn you when the iPad gets low on memory.

Color Patterns

  • Several predefined color patterns have been designed to allow you to change the background colors of the Calendar page. Tap on one of them and then go to the Calendar page to see if you wish to keep it or revert back tot he default which is Saori.

Synchronizing with iCloud

  • This "switch" to the right turns on the capability of synchronizing the database and settings between other devices (iPad) who are all logged into iCloud using the <i>same</i> Apple ID and password.  Contact us using the Send Feedback  button if you need any help.  Be sure to leave your email address so we can respond to your question.