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Bookstore Inventory Manager - General Information

  • All pages have page-specific Help available to you by tapping on the blue-circled 'i'.
  • Some settings are saved when you leave the page you are currently viewing; they are marked as such.
  • The following briefly describes each "page"
    • Book List lists the contents of the database; you can search or sort the view.
    • Book Details gives all of the details for each book that is in the database.
    • Upload contains the needed information to export and upload to the various listing venues, or the created file may optionally be emailed for inclusion in a desktop book inventory manager.
    • Settings is a place where the app can get various types of information needed to control some of the functions.
    • Notice that when you choose a page by tapping on the bottom navigation bar, the new page name is highlighted in red and a blue down arrow replaces the image associated with that page.

Who is this app for?

  • Collectors, Book Sellers and Used Book Buyers
    • Collectors obviously can use this to keep track of their book collection; however, the pricing routines give them an advantage of knowing exactly what their collection is work for insurance and other purposes.
    • Book Sellers can also use this app to keep track of their inventory, re-price it on demand, and upload to the various listing services.  In addition, you can create an export file that you can email to yourself and either upload the the listing services (venues) or if you also have an inventory program on your desktop machine (iMac or PC) you  an import this export file to update your inventory on the desktop machine.
    • Used Book Buyers can get immediate pricing on books you are thinking of purchasing, providing your iPad has a Wi-Fi or internet connection.