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"After six years of trying most of the software systems available to booksellers I have to admit that Prager is the best one for the small to medium sized seller. It is easy to learn and use, efficient with system resources and you can't beat the price.  While the competition may claim the best support in the business, I'll take the solution that does not require the support, thank you very much. They are constantly improving and adding to the software, all the while not making it overly complex. I imported approximately 5,000 records from my old system and was up and running unassisted in about 2 days. If you want to concentrate on selling books and maximize your profits, then this is the package for you."

David Greif, Griffin Books, Stamford CT
”You have no idea how hard I have been working at this and now to find out I can cut the time in half! Oh my heavens! Wait ‘til book sellers find out about this! [referring to the ability to enter the ISBN, press Enter and have it fill in all of the relevant information when adding a book to inventory]...”

Kay, Kay's Vintage Books
“I am very happy to find a program with so many neat features I always wished I had! I notice all the attention to detail on even the little things that make such a difference when you are using it.”

Hilary, Desktop Music, LLC
“...the software speaks for itself. I am delighted that I stumbled upon it!”

Ken, Night Heron Books
"I have been selling books for years but since I started using the Prager Inventory Program my sales have gone up dramatically. I credit this upswing to the ease of using the inventory program. I list more books, list faster, list on more sites and my prices are more competitive. Managing my inventory is so simple now with fewer errors. I don't know how I got by without it. I have tried other inventory management systems and Prager is the simplest to use, works fabulous and their support can NOT be beat."

Gina M., The Book Farm
“I am really enjoying this [Pricing] program and thank you for making it available to fellow book sellers. It really is a major time saver.”

Angie, Morgan’s Bookstop
“It [Listing Synchronizer program] found my missing 3 books. Originally I was off by one book just comparing the two numbers. But as your program discovered I was actually +3 and -2. Very Nice! Then I set up files with every variation of status I could think of & it found them all. Great job.”

Dennis, Bompa’s Books
"...your program does exactly what I need and even when I get a little confused, I can figure it out because I "get" the logic behind it.  I bought and tried Booktrakker a few years back and got to the point where it worked.  But the learning curve (at least for me) and how you did things often gave me a headache."

Bob Ryley, mrbobsbooks.com
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