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                                                    Notice of Price Change

After taking a long hard look at reality, it has come to my attention that I am losing money supporting these programs.  Amazon charges me $40 USD each month just to give you the ability to get book information; prices are oibtained from another venue, because Amazon no longer gives price information as it used to.  I now realize the only way I can even break even is to come in line with my competitors, keeping the original premise of an inexpensive inventory manager for the smaller bookseller.

Therefore, effective Jan 2, 2013, we will be charging a
recurring annual fee of $60 USD (an increase of $1 per month) for each Inventory program (Book and Media) when you license comes up for renewal.  The license fees for the three other programs will not change.
We have added a RSS link so you will always know when we have added something to this page.  To find out more about RSS, click here.  We suggest your subscribe to get email notifications of changes made to this page (What's New).  We have no way of finding out who has subscribed, so your email address is safe.

We have a new program!
 We have created a new MEDIA Inventory program that is very similar to the current Book Inventory program.  If you sell CDs and DVDs, you have got to try it out!  It imports from Amazon, and carries all of the information that Amazon (and others) require for you to list on their websites.  Any questions, please contact us at support [at] pragersoftware [dot] com or go to our Support page.

We have a new support program
called osTicket.  We are asking all of you to please use it when communicating with us, because it will allow us to track issues more closely so we don't have to keep asking if the issue is resolved or not.  You can submit problem reports and enhancement requests on the same page.  You can find it on the Support page of the website.

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